Discover all the possibilities of the CLIXX system in the new CLIXX brochure

Discover all the possibilities of the CLIXX system in the new CLIXX brochure


    Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

    1.1 How do I place an order?

    Ordering at Lightinova is quick and easy.

    • Go to the article you want to order. You can easily add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the button 'add to cart'. You will then immediately arrive in your shopping cart.
    • From here, you can choose 'continue shopping' if you want to add more products to your cart. Do you want to complete the order? Then choose 'proceed to checkout'.
    • To be able to process your order, we ask you to fill in personal details. You can easily do this by creating an account on our site. Do you already have an account with Lightinova? Then simply log in with your e-mail address and the password you created.
    • Then click on 'proceed to checkout' and choose the payment method. 

    1.2 How will I know if my order has been received?

    After your order, you will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail. Did you not receive an email? Then please contact us as soon as possible, we will be pleased to help you.

    2.1 When will my order be delivered?

    When will my order be delivered?
    Our orders are generally dispatched within 7 working days, if the products are in stock. If a product is not in stock, it will take longer. Please take into account a delivery time of 2 - 4 weeks. Did you order a custom-made product? Then the delivery time is often 4 - 6 weeks

    2.2 Who will deliver the parcel?

    We ship our parcels with PostNL. Small parcels are sent by PostNL. Large parcels are generally shipped with Fedex/TNT. 

    2.3 Do you deliver at the weekend?

    Do you deliver at the weekend?
    If the products are sent by post on Friday, the items can be delivered on Saturday.

    2.4 Can I have my order delivered abroad?

    We also deliver our products abroad. From €250.00 you pay no shipping costs.

    2.5 Do I have to pay import duties?

    Products to be shipped to countries outside the EU are subject to import charges. These costs are not clear in advance and are charged at customs.

    2.6 Can I give a different delivery address?

    When ordering you can choose a different delivery address.

    2.7 Do I pay shipping costs?

    Our standard shipping costs are €6.95 for normal shipments in the Netherlands. For international shipments and larger shipments you pay extra shipping costs. This will be indicated at the checkout. For XL shipments, additional costs will be charged. 

    2.8 Will I receive a confirmation when the order is shipped?

    You will always receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail.

    3.1 When do I have to pay for my order?

    All our orders must be paid in advance.

    3.2 How can I pay for my order?

    We offer the following payment methods:
    iDEAL, Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact/Mister Cash, KBC, Belfius, ING HomePay, Visa Electron, American Express, Maestro, Bank transfer

    3.3 Do I receive an invoice?

    You always receive an invoice when you order at our shop. This will be sent to your mailbox.

    4.1 What colour temperature should I choose?

    Our products are supplied as standard with a colour temperature of 3000K, which is also called warm neutral light. Are you looking for warmer or cooler light? Then we can also deliver 2700K (very warm) and 4000K-5000K (cool).

    4.2 What does TRIAC dimmable mean?

    TRIAC is probably the best known form of LED dimming, whereby the lamp can be easily operated with an LED wall dimmer.

    4.3 What is the difference between 2700K and 3000K?

    What is the difference between 2700K and 3000K?
    2700K gives a warm, yellow light. 3000K is more neutral and gives warm neutral light. Our products are standard 3000K.

    4.4 What does DALI dimmable mean?

    With DALI you have complete control over the light. DALI makes it possible to set each lamp individually or to assign it to a group. With DALI you can create different light-scenes in each room, which can be memorized. An optional motion sensor and dimmer help to significantly reduce energy consumption. This makes DALI particularly suitable for application areas such as offices, shops, restaurants or hotels. Two additional control wires are required to connect DALI. We recommend that DALI be connected by an experienced electrician.

    4.5 What does 1-10V dimmable mean?

    With 1-10V dimmable, the LED driver is controlled by an external signal between 1 and 10V. Perfectly dimmable in its own range of 10% to 100%. Applicable with many home automation systems. It is necessary to place a 1-10V actuator between the home automation system and the fixture. Two extra control wires are needed to connect 1-10V.

    4.6 What is an IP value?

    IP value stands for International Protection rating. This value indicates whether the lamp is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The first number indicates the degree of protection against solids and the second number the protection against moisture and water. For outdoor use you need at least an IP23 rating. An IP68 rating withstands even the most extreme weather conditions.

    4.7 What does CRI mean?

    CRI stands for Colour Rendering Index. This is a value from 1 to 100 which indicates how accurately a light source can reproduce the colours of objects. Daylight reproduces colours most accurately and therefore has a CRI of 100.

    With a CRI of 100 colours are reproduced most faithfully. The lower the CRI, the less accurately colours are displayed.

    A CRI of 80 is good for your lighting. A higher CRI value may be at the expense of light output. We therefore recommend a CRI of 80.

    4.8 What is an optic type?

    The optic type shows whether the lighting produces diffuse light or a particular angle of radiation. Diffuse light is an uniform light that is evenly distributed over the surface. As a result, the same amount of light is given to the room and there are no hard shadows or reflections.

    4.9 How will I know if the items are in stock?

    How will I know if the items are in stock?
    It is best to contact us so we can check that the items you want are actually in stock. If not, we will order the items from our supplier.

    4.10 Which parts do I need to complete my CLIXX (SLIM) system?

    To have a working CLIXX system, you will need a number of components.

    • Choose a CLIXX profile of your choice (surface mounted, pendant or recessed).
    • Determine the length you need, we sell the lengths per one or two metres. The profiles are easy to link to the desired lengths.
    • Choose how you want to dim the system (TRIAC dimmable (standard), DALI dimmable or 1-10V dimmable).
    • Choose the colour of your CLIXX profile (white or black).

    In addition to the profiles, you will also need a driver and possibly a driver box to make the system work.

    • Choose a driver that matches the dimming method you have chosen for the profile. So, choose a TRIAC driver if you have chosen TRIAC dimmable for the profile. Choose a DALI driver if you have chosen DALI dimmable for the profile. Choose a 1-10V driver if you have chosen 1-10V dimmable for the profile.
    • Can you hide the driver in another place, such as a lowered ceiling? Then you do NOT need a driver box. Could you NOT conceal the driver in another place? Then choose a driver box that can be mounted on the track. This is where the driver comes in.

    Now all you have to do is select the desired light modules and add them to your CLIXX profile.

    4.11 How do i connect a ZIGBEE module?

    We have a QR code on all of our Zigbee modules. Upon scanning this code you will receive a link to a YouTube instruction video. This explains how to pair the modules with, for example, Philips Hue.

    Connecting Zigbee modules

    5.1 Do you have a showroom?

    We do not have a showroom, but a small studio where we have applied some of our products. Our studio can be visited by appointment from Monday to Friday from 9:00-17:00. Lighting that has been applied in the studio: CLIXX, HALO, PEEK, TUBE SLIM. Other products such as recessed and surface mounted spotlights can also be viewed.

    Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    TEL: 0031 76 369 00 24

    5.2 How long is the warranty?

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We apply the European warranty of 24 months to all our products. 

    5.3 My product is broken within the guarantee period, what do I do now?

    If an article breaks down within the 2-year guarantee period, please contact us so that we can find a suitable solution together.

    5.4 I have received a defective or damaged article. What now?

    We are sorry to hear that you received a defective or damaged product. Please contact our customer service and mail a photo of the damage to [email protected], so we can assess the damage and offer an appropriate solution.

    5.5 Do you also make lighting plans?

    Yes, we also make lighting plans. Do you find it difficult to determine what kind of lighting you need and where to place it? Lightinova has a team of experts who can help you with this. Besides 2D lighting plans, we can also make 3D visuals of the lighting in the room.

    5.6 Can I also have the ordered items installed by you?

    Unfortunately we cannot help you with installation, we do not have an installation service. However, we do have an installation manual that makes the installation easier. If you still have questions about the installation, please contact us.

    5.7 I have a complaint, where can I go?

    At Lightinova, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Should you nevertheless have a complaint about our products or our service, please contact us.

    6.1 How can I return an item?

    At Lightinova you can always return your products according to our return policy. This can be found by clicking on this link

    6.2 Within what period can I return an item?

    You can return an item within 30 days of receiving your order.

    6.3 When will I receive my money back if I return something?

    In general, the amount will be on the bank account you provide within 5-7 working days. If the amount is not in your account after 7 days, please contact us.

    6.4 What is the right of withdrawal?

    The right of withdrawal is a legal reflection period in which consumers have at least 14 days to examine a product purchased online and return it without reason. We would like to give you more time to look at the product and decide if you like it. We will give you 30 days for this.
    To exercise the right of withdrawal please follow the steps in our return policy.

    6.5 How do I know if my return has been received?

    How do I know if my return has been received?
    When we have received your return, we will confirm this by e-mail. We will then assess and process the return.

    7.1 What is your contact information?

    You can reach us in the following ways:

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: +31 (0) 76 369 00 24
    Chat: Chat with us via the website

    Our customer service is available during the following opening hours:
    Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

    7.2 I forgot my password. What do I do now?

    Click on log in at the top right. Here you can click on 'Forgot password?' below the field where you can enter your password. Here you can enter your e-mail, after which you will receive a link to reset your password.

    7.3 Do you have a physical shop where I can go for advice?

    We do not have a showroom, but a small studio where we have applied some of our products. Our studio in The Netherlands can be visited by appointment from Monday to Friday from 9:00-17:00. Lighting applied in the studio include: CLIXX, HALO, PEEK, TUBE SLIM. Other products such as recessed and surface-mounted spotlights can also be viewed. 

    Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    TEL: 0031 76 369 00 24

    7.4 How can I create an account?

    You can easily create an account by clicking on 'log in' at the top right. Here you can choose 'create account' at the bottom where you can easily create your own account.

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