CLIXX magnetic LED track light system

The CLIXX magnetic track light system is a modular lighting system with recessed, surface and suspended versions. The track lengths that range from one to three meters connect seamlessly. Multiple interconnecting corner profiles allowing an uninterrupted play of lines. The power feed supported by the 200 W DALI dimmable driver supporting over 20 luminaires.


CLIXX offers three different mounting profiles: recessed, surface-mounted and pendant. With lengths up to 2 meters in three colors: black, white and bronze.


The profiles fit together seamlessly for an uninterrupted design. A guiding line throughout the property, highlighting only the best.

Lighting can illuminate art and be the work of art itself.


CLIXX offers a range of luminaires with various optical diffusers for different applications. The luminaires are magnetically fastened to the track, making it easy to exchange and position them while the power is on. The installation of the desired luminaire is no more than a simple click.

Light modules

All luminaires are equipped with an integrated LED light source and optical diffusers with specific light distribution, such as spot, flood, wall wash and diffuse light. Making CLIXX the perfect modular track light.

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